ITW Shakeproof industrial


Thread Cutting Screws – For Plastic and Other Low Density Materials

Another Shakeproof invention, the thread cutting screws utilize an off-center shank slot to provide a true cutting action. There are several types depending on the application.


    • Eliminates the need for a separate tapping operation
    • Generates a perfectly formed mating thread providing a stronger joint
    • Reusable with continuous performance
    • Thread cutting feature can be designed into other screws


    • Type 1- recommended for steel parts having a thickness less than half of the screw diameter.
    • Type 23- have a wider shank slot and are recommended for use in cast iron and soft metals such as zinc and aluminum castings.
    • Type 25- combines a wide thread cutting shank slot and acute cutting edge with spaced threads for a low drive to strip ratio and is best for thermoset plastic.
    • Type 17- drills its own hole and cuts close mating threads in wood, light plastics, and particle board.
Thread-Cutting Chart 1
Thread-Cutting Chart 2