Thread Cutting Screws – For Plastic and Other Low Density Materials

Thread cutting screws are typically suited for applications in which the purpose is to avoid disruptive internal stresses or where very high driving torque may be present with thread forming screws. Thread cutting screws are often used with plastic and wood, and do not produce the same level of stress on a material as thread forming screws. At ITW Shakeproof Industrial, we offer an extensive selection of thread cutting screws, including thread cutting self-tapping screws for industrial applications.

As an innovative invention from Shakeproof, thread cutting screws produce a true cutting action by the use of an off-center shank slot. Depending on the application, there are various types.

Thread cutting fasteners, as thread cutting self-tapping screws, produce new threads in existing holes in metal and are often used for fastening requirements as part of routine maintenance.


  • Produces a perfectly fashioned mating thread supplying a stronger joint
  • Excludes any requirement for a separate tapping operation
  • The thread cutting characteristic can be incorporated into other screws
  • Reusable screw with non-stop performance

    • Type 1 – Recommended for steel parts with a thickness of 1/2 of the diameter of the screw.
    • Type 23 – Feature a wider shank slot and are recommended for in soft metals such as aluminum and zinc castings, in addition to cast iron.
    • Type 17 – Drills its own hole and cuts tight mating threads in particle board, light plastics, and wood.
    • Type 25 – Incorporates an acute cutting edge and wide thread cutting shank slot with spaced threads for a low drive to strip ratio. It is ideal for thermoset plastic.

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Thread-Cutting Chart 1
Thread-Cutting Chart 2