Bends Curved

Bends - Curved

Curved-the bend in the nut adds a spring element for increased resistance to loosening. It also provides easy handling during the installation process. The degree of the bend depends on the loadbearing requirements of the joint. Shakeproof can help to design the perfect solution.

Bends Flat Base

Bends - Flat Base

Flat-this design is best suited for low-pressure joints. It provides a quick installation and can be designed with any of the described impressions. It is also the easiest to modify the ends or add barbs for increased grip.

Twin Prong Impressions

Impressions - Twin Prong

Twin Prong-for use on either a threaded or unthreaded part. This design is easy to install and very user-friendly across many platforms. It makes a great impression for fastening many different joints.

Diamond Impressions

Impressions - Diamond

Diamond-this is the easiest design to install and required the least amount of pressure. It is only used for fastening unthreaded parts.

Spira Cone Impressions

Impressions - Spira Cone

Spira Cone-the 360 degree engagement creates an extremely strong hold for fasteners with a machine pitch. It is completely re-usable for service and installation purposes.

Hardened Stud Retainers Impressions

Impressions - Hardened Stud Retainers

Hardened Stud Retainer-extra gripping power helps to secure hardened fasteners where normal impressions might fail. This is very important in harsh environments.

Ends Turned Up

Ends - Turned Up

Turned Up-this helps to protect the surface as well as make handling the fasteners much easier during installation.

Ends Turned Down

Ends - Turned Down

Turned Down-the corners ‘bite’ into the surface of the joint to reduce movement, resist vibration, and secure the nut against the fastener.

Ends Notched

Ends - Notched

Notched-the ends can have notches to fit around plastic bosses, other fasteners, and obstacles. These help in anti-rotation and creating a more secure joint.