ITW Shakeproof Industrial’s quality mission is simple: to provide the highest quality, most cost-effective fastening solutions.

We believe that quality is built into a product from the initial part and tool design, throughout manufacturing, to the final packing of each Shakeproof solution. Incorporating quality from beginning to end results in increased efficiency and productivity, as well as decreased time and total cost of production for our customers.

Our process starts with a contract review to ensure we can achieve the needs of the customer while maintaining our mission goals. In the second stage, FMEA and APQP are utilized. During the manufacturing process, highly skilled operators and stringent internal quality requirements ensure we are producing the highest quality fasteners. Each of ITW Shakeproof Industrial’s facilities maintains ISO 9001 quality standards.

ITW’s Tech Center is another resource that ITW Shakeproof Industrial incorporates into its quality control environment. The technicians and engineers at the Tech Center focus on advancements in technology, processes, and materials research. ITW Shakeproof Industrial uses Tech Center expertise throughout the design, innovation, and new product development for all our manufactured fastener products.

Our Quality Policy:

ITW Shakeproof Industrial is committed to providing fastening solutions that satisfy the shared customer and business objectives of quality, safety, and on-time delivery to decrease the total cost of production. Our goal is continuous improvement of our objectives:

  • OTD – 100%
  • Quality – Zero credits or returns
  • Safety – Zero lost time due to accidents

Quality Certificates
ISO 9001:2015 (PDF)

Broadview, IL

Pins and Threaded
Watertown, WI

Lock Washers
Milwaukee, WI