ITW Shakeproof industrial


The HI-LO® fastener is the minimal performance solution for fastening in low pressure environments such as plastic, particle board, masonite, and wood. It’s designed with a double-lead thread where the HI thread is sharper than a conventional one. More material is trapped in between the threads which helps to resist pull-out. This also allows for a lower driving torque.


  • Perfect screw for low-stress applications
  • Reduced cracking in plastic bosses
  • Smaller sized bosses can be designed to save in material and space
  • Increased pull-out resistance

Available Features:

  • SEMS – add a washer under the head to span larger holes, protect fragile surfaces, and distribute load.
  • The 30º included angle of the high thread displaces less material when it is driven into plastic or wood and, therefore, requires lower driving torques. A greater amount of material remains between the high threads, increasing the stripping torque. Low driving torque and high stripping torque provide maximum protection against stripping problems.
hi-lo increased puyll out strength
hi-lo axial shear material

The Hi-Lo screw thread configuration has a smaller minor diameter than a conventional screw. The high threads make a deeper cut into the material leaving a greater volume of material between the threads. There is also a greater amount of material in contact with the high, sharp thread and the axial shear area is increased. All of this contributes to greater resistance to pullout and stronger fastening.