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The HI-LO Plus® fastener, with its alternating high tend low threads, effectively engages in a wide range of low density materials. This versatile fastener can be used in soft or hard plastics, die cast metals, particle board and wood. By providing reliable fastening in such a wide range of materials, the Hi-Lo Plus fastener opens the door to new standardization opportunities. By specifying the proper hole size, the same type and size of screw can be used in a variety of materials and applications.

In fastening effectiveness, the Hi-Lo Plus screw is greatly superior to other thread forms used in comparable applications. Other thread forming screws require larger holes to minimize the risk of cracking or splitting the material in which they are driven. Less material is therefore displaced and there is less thread engagement.

Because the Hi-Lo screw and the Hi-Lo Plus screw displace less material when driven, they require lower driving torques. As more material remains between the threads, both types of screws absorb more torque without stripping. With this dramatic increase in the safe driving range (drive vs. strip torque), these screws can be driven easily and consistently without stripping problems and without constant fine tuning of power drivers. The Hi-Lo Plus fastener, with both high and low sharper angle threads, has the greatest ability to absorb driving torques and consequently the greatest safe driving range between drive and strip torques.

Thread Angle:

  • Both the high and low threads have a sharper (30°) angle than conventional threads and incorporate a 45° angle step on their trailing flank. These slim threads penetrate deeply without weakening the material through stress-caused fracturing.

Thread Form:

hi-lo plus hard materials
hi-lo plus soft materials