Through continued focus on new product development, ITW Shakeproof Industrial Group remains a design leader in cross-market, single customer and cost reducing innovations. This innovation focus has resulted in better, faster and easier solutions for our customers and for the end user. As you visit the various sections of our website, you will see the innovations that, through the years, have become industry standards.

Plastic Thread Forming screws

Since 1923 ITW Shakeproof Industrial has developed multiple innovative plastic screw designs – such as BosScrew®, GripeTide™, and Plastite™ – that have gone on to become industry standards.

Metal Thread Forming screws

Our innovative solutions-based expertise has made us the go-to manufacturer for metal thread forming fasteners. This has led to the development of industry standard parts – such as the Tap/R®, TEKS®, and Taptite®.

Machine Screws

Our unique WERCS technology is revolutionizing the industry and has led to industry best machine screw parts. The technology can be seen in our Shakeproof Thread™ and SEMS products.


ITW Shakeproof has continued to invent products that revolutionized the metal stamping industry since its 1923 invention of the twisted tooth lock washer. Inventions such as square cones, spring washers, internal/external lock washers, and shaft retainers are the finest anti-vibration, anti-loosening, mechanical fastening devices available today. ITW stampings are increasingly specified in the automotive and furniture industries.


Our line of Bee Leitzke pins is used in agricultural equipment, furniture, heavy trucks, medical equipment, and others and include lock pin, wire tab, hitch pin, pin and chain, and lanyard designs. Our line of pins broadens the fastening solutions available to customers around the world.

Lock Washer

The unique helical shape and split design of ITW Shakeproof Industrial’s lock washers has helped make them some of the most widely used anti-loosening components on the markets, including the rail industry.


ITW Shakeproof Industrial goes above and beyond expectations, providing innovative solutions to tackle your everyday challenges. This has led to the design and production of parts such as the BosScrew®, GripeTide™, Shakeproof Thread™. We also have new projects to improve on products and provide solutions to new challenges.