ITW Shakeproof Industrial has developed multiple innovative screw designs — such products as GripTide™, BosScrew®, and the Plastite™, that have gone on to become industry standards.

Our new WERCS Technology is again, revolutionizing the industry, in the design and manufacturing of threaded solutions, including thread forming screws for plastic substrates. The WERCS Technology allows our engineers to develop superior thread geometries to tackle your most demanding applications. The industry’s most innovative platform of threaded products in plastics— GripTide™, BosScrew®, Plastite™, and Hi-Lo® Fasteners, are ready to conquer your most difficult design challenges.

Whether you are looking for flat head thread forming screws for plastic, steel thread rolling screw for plastic, or metric thread forming screws for plastic, we have you covered.

Licensed Manufacturer of:

  • Taptite
  • Plastite
  • Torx
  • Torx Plus
  • Quadrex
  • ACR II
  • PSD
  • MAThread


Threaded Fasteners

Replaceable and removable mechanical fasteners typically depend on mating threads to bring about a durable assembly. The integrity or tightness of any threaded assembly mostly hinges on the factors of friction and tension.

Friction occurs at the location where the mating threads contact, where a work surface contacts the surface under the screw head, and also, if the assembly includes a nut, where the nut upper surface touches the bottom of the work surface.. Bearing and lock washers can increase surface friction.

Upon the application of torque, screw threads tend to move even after the head of the screw pushes against the work surface. The bolts or screws are in actuality, stretched. When a screw or steel bolt is stressed to 60,000 PSI, it will elongate about .002 inches per inch of effective length.

Parts underneath the head of the screw and between the screw and any nut in the assembly, undergo compression. Materials naturally try to return to their original shape after undergoing stress. An extended screw, just like a stretched spring attempt to contract. On the other hand, the components undergoing compression, want to expand. Tension is produced by these opposing forces and keep the assemblies tight. When washers, such as conical, lock, and spring washers, or combinations thereof, are added, the tension is increased. These can be preassembled to screws via Sems.

The quantity of torque or twisting force that may be applied to a threaded fastener without stripping the threads which are mating initially largely determines the amount of tension and friction produced in an assembly. In part, this is determined by how the mating threads are produced and the thickness and nature of the material in which they are produced. The fasteners we offer in our catalog are presented in this fashion, including any thread forming screw for plastic substrate applications.

Our mission at Shakeproof is to provide the highest quality, most cost-effective fasteners and components in conformance with all customer, industry and government requirements and to provide these products on a reliable and timely basis. We will conduct every aspect of our business in an ethical manner that will sustain the trust so essential to successful customer/supplier relations.

At every organizational level, the men and women of ITW Shakeproof are committed to total quality excellence in the design, manufacture and supply of the company’s fasteners and components. Inherent in this commitment is a dedication to continuous improvement in every aspect of Shakeproof’s products and operations. At ITW, our goal is to create value and improve the operating effeciencies of every one of our customers.

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