As an experienced metal stamping parts manufacturer, ITW Shakeproof Industrial is the largest, most diverse and uniquely tooled producer of stampings products in the world. ITW precision metal stamping parts are increasingly specified in the automotive and furniture industries.

Since its 1923 invention of the Twisted Tooth Lock Washer, Shakeproof has continued to invent products that revolutionized the stampings industry. Such product inventions as the Square Cones, Spring Washers, Internal/External Lock Washers and Shaft Retainers are the finest anti-vibration, anti-loosening, mechanical fastening devices available today.

Our Stamping Products

Whether you are looking for tooth lock washers, retainers, spring nuts, push-on nuts, U nuts, J nuts, or spring washers, we have you covered. The stampings we manufacture, such as the twisted tooth lock washer, and other custom-designed products can enhance applications in various industries that rely on the stamping industry, including automotive, appliance, lawn and garden, heavy truck, and medical.

As a trusted stamping parts manufacturer, we work diligently to ensure our stamped washers conform exactly to your design specifications and required level of quality. We understand that every millimeter counts to ensure the correct design. We employ strict in-house inspection processes to ensure your metal washers achieve an uncompromised level of quality.

Our team is committed to ensuring your washers fit your application perfectly and are manufactured to top quality standards, whether you need large metal washers, special flat washers, or other custom made washers.

Whether you are looking for sheet metal stamping parts, stainless steel stamping parts, custom metal stamping parts, or stamping machine parts, we have you covered.

Contact us today to learn more about the precision metal stamping parts we offer for various industrial applications.

Tooth Lock Washers