The Helical Spring Lock Washers we offer at ITW Shakeproof Industrial have been among the most popular structural anti-loosening products on the market. The helical spring washer includes a “split” feature that handles the initial applied driving torque and then closes up under standard bolt loading conditions. As a leader among lock washer manufacturers, we offer helical spring lock washers with a trapezoidal shape that adds to the compression and deflection of the washer under load.

Function of Lock Washers

A lock washer is designed to generate tension which inhibits the loosening or slipping of the bolt from its initial installation position. The body of lock washers have serrations that stop rotation and create a more stable connection than flat washers. Lock washers produce tension as they lock the screw or bolt into the threaded hole of the workpiece. They are commonly used in applications in which high-vibrations are present and would otherwise loosen fastener assemblies. Helical spring lock washers twist and flatten as the fastener is tightened, producing spring-back tension, and effectively preventing the loosening of components from vibration and corrosion. The spring-like action of these washers enables them to adjust for a certain degree of material wear. When the fastener loosens to a small degree, the locking action of these spring locking washers contributes to security of the connection.

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Helical Lock Washers