At ITW Shakeproof Industrial, we have produced a number of different innovative screw designs that include products such as Tap/R®, Taptite®, GX™ Self Extruding, and TEKS® – now common construction industry standards for these types of fasteners.

The state-of-the-art WERCS Technology we have created is setting the standard for the design and manufacturing of thread forming machine screw products and solutions. This technology gives our design engineers the capability to formulate the ideal thread geometries to take on highly challenging applications. Our superb selection of threaded fasteners such as the Shakeproof Thread and BosScrew are ideal for handling your most demanding design needs.

The types of thread forming machine screws we offer include:

  • Torx
  • Torx Plus
  • Plastite
  • Taptite
  • PSD
  • Quadrex
  • MAThread
  • ACR II

The machines screws we offer include:

  • Square Cone® SEMS
  • SEMS – Helical Lock Washer
  • SEMS – External Tooth Lock Washer
  • Shakeproof™
  • SEMS – Dished
  • SEMS Conical

Machine Screw

Threaded Fasteners

Removable and replaceable mechanical fasteners often depend on mating threads for the production of a durable and reliable assembly. The dependability and tightness of a threaded assembly relies significantly on the friction and tension of the assembly.

Friction occurs at the joining location of the mating threads, where the thread forming machine screw head undersurface makes contact with the work surface. Also, if the assembly includes a nut, friction occurs where the upper surface of the nut touches the bottom of the work surface. Also, surface friction may be increased with the addition of bearing or lock washers.

Screw threads inherently starts to slide with the application of torque, even after the head of the screw presses against the work surface. Whether it is a bolt or screw, the fasteners is stretched. When a steel screw or bolt undergoes 60,000 psi of tension it length increases about .002 inches per inch of effective length.

The components of the screw head and the area between the screw and any nut in the assembly undergo compression. After the application of stress to these materials, they naturally begin to return to their original, pre-stressed position. Parts subjected to compression naturally begin the contract as a spring. The tension may be increases through the addition of conical or spring washers, or combinations of both. They may be preassembled to screws through SEMS.

The quantity of tension and friction generated in an assembly is determined at the outset in large part by the quantity of twisting force (torque) that may be applied to a threaded fastener with mating and stripping threads. The material characteristics such as thickness, along with the manner in which the mating threads are made will partially determine this as well. In our catalog, this is the manner in which we present our selection of fasteners.

At ITW Shakeproof, we are dedicated to delivering superb quality and highly cost-efficient fasteners and related accessories that fulfill the requirements of customers, industry entities, and government regulations. We are also committed to providing these fastener products in a dependable and timely manner. Our team endeavors to promote a successful relationship between us the supplier and you the customer by conducting all of our business practices in an ethical manner.

At all levels of our organization, we are committed to delivering exceptional quality. This includes everything we do, from design, to manufacturing, to supply. Our commitment to excellence includes a continual effort to enhance and upgrade the various aspects of our products and operations. Our goal at ITW is to enhance our operations by increasing efficiency and providing optimum value to our customers.

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