The information below represents ITW Shakeproof Industrial’s threaded product case studies. Please contact us for your specific needs at:

BosScrew™ for Bilge Pump

Our customer’s bilge pumps were leaking due to the plastic thread forming screws backing out. This caused failures and leaks in their customer’s boat and lead to one boat sinking due to failure of the automatic bilge pump.

BosScrew™ for Dishwasher Hinge

The screw that holds the door hinge to the plastic tub of a dishwasher was coming loose while in use, causing warranty issues with our customer.

BosScrew™ Eliminates Leak in Beverage Pump

The plastic thread forming screw used in beverage pumps would back out of the application while in transit from the manufacturer. This resulted in leaking issues when the pump was installed in a beverage dispenser.

BosScrew™ for Refrigerator Drawer

The screw that holds the door hinge to the plastic tub of a dishwasher was coming loose while in use, causing warranty issues with our customer.

BosScrew™ Stops Loosening in Washing Machine Basket

Fastener used to assemble motor transmission to the plastic basket in top load washing machine would back out and then break.

GripTide™ Inserts for Lawn Mowers

Brass inserts used to attach a plastic cover to the steel deck of a lawn mower was not passing anti-rotation and pull-out testing needed by our customer.

Hurricane™ Provides Cost Savings for Washing Machine

Our customer had a project to reduce the material thickness on their wash machine to .025” to allow for weight reduction and a material cost savings. They were unable to find a screw that would perform consistently without stripping due to the material thickness.

Hurricane Rite™ for HVAC Part Consolidation and Performance Improvements

Our Customer used 3 different types of sheet metal screws. Blunt point Type B, 60 degree Type AB and 30 degree sharp tip screws. Because of UL requirements, Type B screws must be used around wires and do not start well for the line operators. The operators also do not like handling the 30 degree sharp tip screw. Some of these screws are also causing strip-out problems on the line. Service technicians are getting scratched by the type AB and 30 degree screws when servicing the furnace.

Shakeproof™ Thread to Avoid a Costly Patch

The impeller bolt in a top load washing machine would loosen during use.

Shakeproof™ Thread and MAThread® for Machine Motor

ITW’s customer was using a screw with an adhesive patch to secure their top load washer motor, but the fastener was costly and they were looking for alternatives.

In addition, the customer experienced cross threading issues with the bolt.

TAP/R® Thread-Rolling Screws for Refrigerator Hinge

The thread rolling screw that our customer was using to fasten the freezer hinge to a refrigerator would not consistently seat flat which gave a poor appearance to the end user. As a result, the customer was going to begin tapping the assembly and using a machine screw.

TAP/R® Thread-Rolling Screws for Dishwashers

Customer had issues with using a machine screw in a blind tapped hole in stainless steel due to debris in the threads and cross threading.