Plastite tri-lobular thread rolling screws are designed and manufactured to achieve high levels of fasting performance for a wide array of thermoplastics. At ITW Shakeproof Industrial, we offer an extensive selection of Plastite rolling screws to meet the demands of various applications involving plastic substrates.

Performance of Plastite Thread Rolling Screws

The Type 60-1 screw has a 60° profile that deeply penetrates into a workpiece, sustaining high torque forces, while resisting pullout forces and stripping. Plastic material recovers and fills in around the threads as the threads are formed, generating a loosening resistance and ensuring the integrity and strength of the assembly.

Ideal for High Torque Applications

The tri-lobular thread rolling screw also consists of sharper, twin lead, 48” threads for a low driving torque requirement and displacement of materials. Also, with Plastite thread rolling screws, there is a great reduction in boss breakage and plastic cracking. This is the type of Plastite recommended when high torques are needed.

The Solution for Fastening in Thermoplastics

When it comes to fastening in plastic, Plastite is the tri-lobular solution. Once driven into the substrate, the materials pushes in around the threads, creating strong resistance to loosening. The fastener can be used in applications requiring high torque and can be designed to reduce driving torque. The major types of Plastite screws are 48-2 and 60-1.


Some key benefits of Plastite tri-lobular thread rolling screws include:

  • Loosening resistance
  • Sustained driving torque into plastic material
  • Can handle high torque while resisting stripping during assembly

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