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Plastite tri-lobular thread rolling screws are designed for high performance fastening in a wide range of thermoplastics. The 60° profile on the Type 60-1 screw penetrates deeply into the work piece, absorbing higher torques without stripping and resisting pullout forces. As threads are formed, the plastic material recovers and fills in around the tri-lobular threads, providing resistance to loosening and assuring a secure assembly.

This tri-lobular thread rolling screw also has twin lead, sharper (48°) threads for minimal displacement of materials and a low driving torque requirement. Cracking of plastic and boss breakage is greatly reduced. This version of the Plastite is recommended where high torques are required.

The Plastite is the tri-lobular solution for fastening in plastic. After being driven, the material fills in around the threads and provides resistance to loosening. This fastener can be designed to minimize driving torque but also used where high torque is required. The two main types of Plastite screws are the 60-1 and the 48-2.


  • Consistent driving torque into plastic
  • Design provides resistance to loosening
  • Can absorb high torque without stripping during assembly