High Alloy Lock Washers

While manufactured to the same dimensions as the Regular Series lock washers, High Alloy lock washers are manufactured from 4037 high alloy steel. These High Alloy lock washers are utilized with Grade 5 and Grade 8 bolt and nut assemblies. At ITW Shakeproof Industrial, as a leader among high alloy lock washer manufacturers, we are your source for high alloy lock washer options which are ideal for various specialized and high strength applications.

Features of High Alloy Lock Washers

Grade 4037 alloy steel, of which high alloy lock washers are made, is a molybdenum-bearing, direct hardening engineering steel that is easily forged, welded, and machined. Helical spring lock washers are used extensively for the purpose of preventing the loosening of components. When these washers are compressed, they twist and flatten, which prevents loosening and slipping of the connection.

Applications / Advantages of High Alloy Lock Washers

The various benefits and applications of high alloy helical spring lock washers are as follows:

  • Provide a hard bearing surface, enabling greater uniform torque control

  • Allow for greater bolt tension per unit of additional torque

  • Provide better uniform distribution of load

  • Resists fastener loosing due to corrosion and vibration

A high alloy lock washer is ideal when appearance is a top consideration and hiding the teeth under the screw is desirable. These lock washers are preferable for hard bearing surfaces and, as mentioned, are designed for use with Grade 5 and Grade 8 nuts and bolts.

Our team at ITW Shakeproof Industrial is ready to help you with all of your high alloy lock washer needs. Contact us today to learn more.

High-Alloy Lock Washer