Clevis Pins

Clevis pins are generally inexpensive, non-threaded metal fasteners that function similar to a bolt. These pins are inserted into drilled holes in order to connect two or more parts together. A common application is to secure two pieces of machinery together. Clevis pins usually have a hole or a groove around the pin shaft. At ITW Shakeproof Industrial, your trusted clevis pin manufacturer, all dimensions of stock Clevis Pins we offer – sizes 3/16″ thru 1″ – are in accordance with SAE standards except for the hole size and point.

Clevis Pin Design

Clevis pins are fasteners with a pin shape that are used with a clevis, a type of U-shaped fastener. They are not threaded, but rather smooth and cylindrical. A clevis has holes on its ends which are for the insertion of a clevis pin. A clevis pin closes and secures the open end of a clevis. A split pin or twist may be used to connect the clevis and the clevis pin. Once a clevis pin is inserted through a clevis, it can be secured with a split pin or twist, which effectively closes off the clevis.

Standard and SAE Clevis Pins

Clevis Pins are manufactured from several carbon steel materials, as well as stainless steel.

Special points, grooving, hole sizes, and lengths are available with our clevis pins upon request. A versatile and economical fastener manufactured to standard SAE dimensions, ITW Bee Leitzke pins are cold-formed for strength.

Clevis pins are easy to install and remove. They absorb lateral stress and allow objects to move. They reduce the risk of the connection loosening due to vibration.

Clevis Pin Applications

A clevis pin with holes can be found in various industrial applications including those for towing, construction, farming, factories, rigging, and aviation.

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Standard and SAE Clevis Pins