As a tri-lobular thread forming screw, the Taptite has mating threads which are work-hardened as they are developed. The tri-lobular shape of the screw causes the material to form around the screw during the process of elastic recovery, providing a resistance to loosening cause by vibration. At ITW Shakeproof Industrial, we offer these Taptite thread forming screws which are ideal for numerous industrial applications.

Advantages of Taptite Thread Forming Screws

The various benefits afforded by our selection of Taptite thread forming screws include:

    • Produces a strong joint with perfectly mated threads
    • Decreases the quantity of chips during the thread forming process
    • Excludes any requirement for separate tapping procedures

The TRILOBULAR™ shape of Taptite thread forming screws lowers the level of friction during the thread forming process, delivers prevailing torque which is greater than the torque level of locking screws, and most importantly, naturally resists loosening due to vibrations.

Key Features of Taptite Thread Forming Screws

Our Taptite tri-lobular thread forming screws include the following important features:

    • GER-NIB® – for particularly torque sensitive applications
    • SEMS – add a washer under the head to span larger holes, protect fragile surfaces, and distribute load.

Whether you are looking for Taptite thread forming screws, Taptite thread rolling screws, or Taptite self-tapping screws, we have you covered. Our team at ITW Shakeproof Industrial is here to help you select the right Taptite screws for your application.

Get Taptite Thread Forming Screws

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