Our Pin business is the traditional Bee Leitzke product line.

One of the most common devices used in the industrial sector is the pin. Industrial safety pins are vital types of fasteners that have a number of different uses. The types of pins vary and knowing the types available can help you choose the right one for your application. Industrial pins and clips come in various forms – everything from the double wire lock pin, to the high strength clevis pin, to double wire snap safety pin, to hairpin cotter pins, and more. At ITW Shakeproof Industrial, we offer an extensive array of pins for industrial purposes.

From 1929 and forward, ITW Bee Leitzke has led the way in providing manufacturing capabilities in-house that minimize costs to the customer. Our range of expertise includes cross-hole drilling, cold heading, CNC operations, grinding, grooving/shaving, broaching, roll forming, and the production of lanyards. Our manufacturing capabilities combined with our engineering professionals, enable us to help customers achieve efficient and effective solutions to their fastener problems.

The Bee Leitzke business division of ITW merged with Shakeproof in 2011 to create ITW Shakeproof Industrial, which provides a complete line of Pins, Stampings, Helical Lock Washers and Threaded products to industrial customers.

Our Selection of Pins

We offer an extensive array of pins to meet the needs of our commercial and industrial customers. These include:

  • Standard and SAE Clevis Pins
  • Extended Prong Cotter Pins
  • Hairpin Cotter
  • Double Wire Lock Pins
  • Single Wire Lock Pins
  • Single Wire Tab Locks
  • Grooved Single Wires (snap lock)
  • Hitch Pins
  • Hitch Pins with Lynch Pin and Chain
  • Lanyards

Gaining familiarity with the various types and uses of industrial strength safety pins is the best way to make the optimum pin fastener selection for your project. Our team is here to help you choose the right pins for your applications.