ITW Shakeproof’s Hurricane anti-strip screw is considered the optimum performer in thin sheet – even .025″ or thinner!

The screw creates a positive torque brake in thin sheet metal, aluminum or plastic. It assures maximum installation efficiency while eliminating the rework associated with stripped screws.

    • Underhead ribs create torque break
    • Advances strip-out values and operating range
    • Accomodates power fluctuations
    • Increases manufacturing efficiencies

The Hurricane Benefit:

    • Thinner, lighter weight materials can be specified because Hurricane screws eliminate stripping problems in materials as thin as .025″ – sometimes even thinner!
    • High performance with smaller screw sizes – Costs can be reduced because smaller screws out-perform the larger screws currently being used in thin sheet applications.
    • Reduces rework costs due to stripped screws – Large, predictable operating window greatly reduces potential strip-outs and the need for operator sensitivity. This means greater efficiencies, no stripping-related rework or scrap!
    • Higher back off torques assure a tight, secure assembly.
    • There is minimal damage to bearing surface; burrs, no silvers.
    • There is minimal damage to bearing surface; burrs, no silvers.
      Hurricane screws work in existing holes. Interchangeable with existing designs. Superior locking action.
Shakeproof Head designs

How it Works:

    • Underside of head is slightly dished.
    • Specially tapered ribs on underside of head cold form ridges on bearing surface as screw is turned down, creating a positive torque brake.
hurricane safe operating range


The significant measure of performance in tapping screws is the safe operating margin between the maximum torque required to seat the screw and the minimum torque at which the screw may strip. When this operating range is expanded, installation proceeds quickly and efficiently with no stripped screws or rework.

hurricane in sheet metal
hurricane drive and strip torque ranges