ITW Shakeproof industrial


HItch Pin

Hitch Pin

ITW Shakeproof Industrial Hitch Pins feature high shear strength material, easy swivel-grip pull ring and a high tension Hairpin Cotter Pin. The Hitch Pins are available in many styles, diameters and lengths to suit virtually every hitching application. The pins strength comes from it being hardened to two Rockwell core hardness: RC 25-34 for diameters 1″and less, and RC 19-30 for diameters over 1″. All Hitch Pins are zinc plated with a yellow dichromate dip for corrosion resistance.

HItch Pin with Lynch Pin and Chain

Hitch Pins with Lynch Pin and Chain Attached

To help prevent the loss of the Lynch Pin in field applications, a 12” chain connects the Hitch Pin and the Lynch Pin. The chain is zinc plated, while the Hitch Pin and the Lynch Pin are zinc plated with a zinc clear for corrosion resistance.

Bent Pin with Hairpin

Bent Hitch Pins with Hairpin

One of today’s most popular hitch components. This versatile pin is most widely used as a quick and simple connection for trailer hitch receivers. Made from high quality carbon steel and zinc plated. The Bent Hitch Pin comes complete with a plated Hairpin Cotter Pin.