A hitch pin consists of a small metal rod that prevents certain trailer hitch parts such as the ball mount shank from slipping out of the hitch receiver tube. Bent hitch pins are often in an “L” shape. The hitch pin is designed for insertion into the side of the hitch receiver. It is moved through the ball mount shank all the way to the other side. The hitch pin shear strength is a key factor in its successful function. A hole is present on the end of a safety lock hitch pin, which is designed to receive a clip made from spring steel and shaped like a hairpin. This hitch clips ensure the pin remains in the receiver.

HItch Pin

Hitch Pin

The ITW Shakeproof Industrial Hitch Pins we offer are manufactured with high strength material. They feature a pull ring with easy swivel-grip along with a high tension hairpin cotter pin. Though small in size, a locking cotter pin for trailer hitch is an essential safety component. The Hitch Pins are available in many styles, diameters and lengths to suit virtually every hitching application. The hitch pin strength comes from the fact that it is hardened to two Rockwell core hardness: for diameters 1″and less – RC 25-34, and for diameters over 1″ – RC 19-30. All hitch pins are plated with zinc using yellow dichromate dip that provides resistance to corrosion.
HItch Pin with Lynch Pin and Chain

Hitch Pins with Lynch Pin and Chain Attached

In the field, the 12 inch chain is connected to the Lynch Pin and Hitch Pin in order to help prevent the loss of the Lynch Pin. Zinc plating is applied to the chain. The Lynch Pin and Hitch Pin receive zinc plating with a zinc clear that provides corrosion resistance.
Bent Pin with Hairpin

Bent Hitch Pins with Hairpin

As one of today’s most commonly used elements, the bent hitch pin with hair pin is most often used as a simple and quick connection solution for trailer hitch receivers. These bent hitch pins are manufactured from exceptional quality carbon steel and zinc plating. They feature a plated hairpin cotter pin.

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