A lock washer, which is also sometimes referred to as a split washer, is a unique type of washer designed to produce tension which prevents the bolt from loosening or slipping out of the position in which it was installed. These are not flat washers. Instead, they have a gradually rising semi-coiled design shape which enables the production of tension during installation. This is the way light and heavy duty lock washer function.

Heavy Duty Lock Washer Function

Lock washers, including heavy duty lock washers resist any rotational movement of an installed bolt. Unlike a bolt used for the same purpose which is susceptible to vibrational loosening, a lock washer locks the bolt in the threaded hole of the workpiece.

The most often used washers to stop the loosening of components are helical spring lock washers. When these washers undergo compression, they twist and flatten. They impose higher bolt tension per unit of applied torque and significant protection against loosening from corrosion and vibration.

Our Heavy Helical Spring Lock Washer

With an increased O.D., thickness and bearing area, this washer is ideal for heavier duty applications involving the application of higher tightening torques. The Heavy Section helical spring lock washer contributes significantly to the maintenance of tightness or tension in applications involving screws, bolts, and nuts under high loads.

Our heavy duty helical washer selection includes a range of dimensional size options in nominal diameter, inside diameter, outside diameter, width, and thickness to meet the requirements of various applications.

Our team is here to help you obtain the heavy lock washers you need to fulfill your industrial application requirements. Contact us today for more information.

Heavy Lock Washer