Split lock washers include a slight spiral design feature that generates pressure which causes a spring action. This feature enables the washer to grip adjacent materials and prevents vibration-induced loosening of the fastener. The lock washer selection we offer at ITW Shakeproof Industrial includes the light helical spring lock washer available in multiple sizes and finishes.

Helical spring lock washers have a hardened bearing surface that enables more even torque control and enable a higher level of bolt tension per unit of torque applied. Helical spring lock washers are used in various types of industrial assemblies to effectively prevent the loosening of components.

Light Helical Spring Lock Washer

With a slightly reduced O.D. and a significantly reduced washer thickness, the light helical spring lock washer is frequently used in applications with lighter load and reduced torque demands, often involving fragile or thin materials. These light duty lock washers are also sometimes used in limited head height clearance applications.

With these washers under the screw head or nut, they undergo compression as the fastener is tightened. The spring-back tension produced resists loosening. Also, due to the spring-like action of these light helical split lock washers, they can adjust for a certain amount of material wear. Spring type lock washers, such as these light duty lock washers, flatten when tightened. The locking action they generate does not factor in until the fastener has loosened to a small degree.

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Light Lock Washers