ITW Shakeproof industrial


Cotter Pins are used to retain a variety of fasteners in many applications. ITW Shakeproof Industrial Cotter Pins are precision made and are ideal for use with ITW Shakeproof Industrial Clevis Pins. Cotter Pins are manufactured from either carbon steel or stainless steel and are available in plain or zinc finish. Plating may be inconsistent between the legs of a cotter pin, which will impact corrosion resistance. Length of the pin is measured from under the head to the end of the shorter prong.

Extended Prong Cotter Pin

Extended Prong

Extended Prong Cotter Pins are designed to retain a variety of fasteners in many applications. Ideal for use with our Clevis Pins.

Hairpin Cotter

Hairpin Cotter

ITW Shakeproof Industrial Hairpin Cotters are reusable and ideal for quick assembly and disassembly applications. They are available in high quality, zinc plated spring wire or series stainless steel for strength, security and corrosion resistance.

Hairpin Clip

Hairpin Clips

For ease of assembly, ITW Shakeproof Industrial Hairpin Clips are an ideal, reusable fastener. Hundreds of uses can be found on small and large equipment with shaft sizes from 1/8″ to 1″. Clips require a groove to accommodate the wire diameter as listed in the chart. Hairpin Clips are made from steel spring wire or stainless steel.

Safety Pin

Safety Pins

Positive locking ITW Shakeproof Industrial Safety Pins have many uses where safety is important. All Safety Pins are made from hard-drawn plated spring wire.