If there’s a problem that leads to costly and time-consuming returns or affects your bottom line or the relationship with your customer, ITW Shakeproof Industrial can help you find a solution.

As a specifier, user, or purchaser of fastening parts, you face many challenges. That’s why the ITW Shakeproof team is committed to providing solutions to make your job easier, reducing your total cost of ownership and increasing your productivity and efficiency by addressing challenges like cross-threading/strip-out, coating problems, and more.

This section of our website shows some examples of the problems and solutions we’ve worked with our customers to solve. The ITW Shakeproof Industrial team is ready to help solve your fastening problems today.

Your Problems Meet ITW Solutions

Below are examples of customer problems and ITW solutions for threaded products with the outcomes listed in bullet points. View all case studies here:

Whether it’s reducing the piece price of your part or finding ways to improve overall productivity, ITW Shakeproof Industrial has the solution you need. Some of the ways we can help include line walks, product teardowns, or consolidation of parts.

We understand the negative impact warranty claims can have on your business. That’s why we work tirelessly to reduce the claims you are faced with. We accomplish this by evaluating your application and finding solutions to eliminate backout, improve fastener performance, eliminate strip-out, and more.

To improve productivity, there are a lot of moving parts. That’s why we conduct a deep dive into your application(s). We look for ways to improve ergonomics, consolidate fasteners, eliminate backout and strip-out, improve overall fastener performance, and provide custom solutions to improve your productivity. There are always ways to improve—you just need to know what to look for. That’s where your partnership with ITW comes in.

Scrap is a huge red flag on the production floor. Not only does it decrease productivity, but it also increases cost, takes up valuable floor space, and has a negative impact on on-time delivery. To address this, ITW Shakeproof Industrial conducts a root-cause analysis on the cause of scrap and recommends custom solutions to address your issue. Our customers have experienced the elimination of backout and cross-threading, improved fastener performance, and significant scrap reduction by partnering with us.