When bolts are installed on a surface, washers are often used to help distribute pressure from the load in a uniform manner, thus preventing damage to the surrounding surface. Lock washers do even more than this. They prevent bolts and nuts in a connection from turning or slipping after installation. A metric lock washer is simply a lock washer with dimensions measured and indicated in the metric system.

At ITW Shakeproof Industrial, a leader among metric lock washer manufacturers, we offer Metric Series Helical Lock Washers that are available in three styles:

  • Regular Metric: Like its Standard sized Regular counterpart, the Regular Metric series lock washers are designed for metric dimension applications.
  • DIN 127-B Compliant: These washers comply with DIN 127-B specifications (with exception to overall height), which incorporate a lighter ID section than the Regular Metric part.
  • DIN 7980 Compliant: The Square Section metric washers meet DIN 7980 specifications (with exception to overall height), and due to its design, are ideal for use in confined areas.

Metric Lock Washer Applications

Lock washers, including metric spring washers, help keep fasteners secure and unmoved when exposed to external forces such as vibration which may tend to loosen them over time. With a star-shaped or other uneven-shaped lock washer, a tightening effect is imposed which helps prevent bolt or screw loosening.

A lock washer, such as a metric helical spring lock washer, can perform various functions, including as a load distributor, a spacer, a spring, wear pad, locking device, and vibration reducer. Projects requiring lock washers that are measured in metric units utilize metric lock washers.

For more information about the metric lock washer options we offer, contact us today.

Metric Lock Washer