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Tips for investigating a Fastener Problem:

Get as much information as possible:

    • Where and how are the parts used?
    • Have you bought these parts for a long time?
    • Are you the sole customer of this part?
    • Request samples of failed parts
    • Are unused parts available from the same lot? If yes, request some.
    • How many parts are used in the assembly?
    • Is there any pattern to the failures – for example, are they failing in a single location?
    • What type of driver is being used?
    • What torque value is being used to install the parts?
    • Request pictures of failed parts and the assembly
    • If possible, allow the supplier to visit and observe the problem first-hand.
    • How best would you describe the problem?
    • Has anything recently changed or something unique occurred?
Tap/R fastener


A graduated thread rolling area, less driving torque is required to install this 360 degree thread forming screw.

Taptite fastener


The unique “tri-lobular” shape roll forms a mating thread in an unthreaded pilot hole.

Cyclone tapping screw


Stripping problems & scrap loss reduced with the unique serrated shoulder under head.

Hurricane screw


Serrations under the head creates a positive torque brake when this anti-strip screw is driven into thin sheet metal, aluminum or plastic.

Field Ready™

Tunable torque design allows screws to be shipped in the “Field Ready” position.

Shakeproof screw

Shakeproof™ Thread

A curve added to the helix of the threads keeps the screw secure for life, eliminating prevailing torque nuts & nylon patches.

GXSelf Extruding screw


The eccentric thread section extrudes thin sheet metal upward and downward increasing the thread engagement area and torque absorption capability.

Thread cutting screws

Thread Cutting Screws

A shank slot in the body of the screw provides true cutting action eliminating a separate tapping operation generating a perfectly mated thread that is reusable.

Designing Threaded Fasteners in Plastic

BosScrew Fastener


A screw for plastics that will not loosen! The pressure flanks on threads are engineered to not loosen over time, with temperature changes, under vibration.

HI-LO Fastener


A double lead high and low thread form increases performance in low density material.

HI-LO Plus Fastener

Hi-Lo Plus®

Sharper angles on the threads penetrate deeply without weakening plastic materials through stress-caused fracturing.

Plastite Fasteners


Tri-lobular thread rolling screw for plastics.