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Standard or metric thread forming screws for plastic, sheet metal, or wood are ideal when there is not a threaded hole in the location you would normally want one. With a thread forming screw, there is no requirement to set up a tap to produce female-threaded holes for precision mating to your screw. A thread forming screw creates the necessary threads as it drives into the material. At ITW Shakeproof Industrial, we are your trusted provider of thread forming screws, along with washers and other fasteners.

Thread forming screws may use a pilot hole to connect materials such as metal or plastic, or they may be drilled directly into the material. These screws are often provided with either a sharp or blunt point at the end. The thread of the screw displaces the material into which it is driven, lodging securely in place. After installation, these screws are reusable.

How Thread Forming Screws Work

Thread forming screws which can include stainless steel thread forming screws and Plastite thread forming screws deform the material into which they are driven, forcing it into a mating position, without removing the material itself. Thread cutting screws, on the other hand, remove portions of material as they penetrate into the substrate. These two types of screws both force the substrate to mate with their threads, but in different ways. The type of material that is going to wrap around the threads of the screw can determine the type of screw you choose.

Benefits of Thread Forming Screws

The distinct benefit of using thread forming screws is no requirement for nuts or a tapping operation, which can result in fewer parts used and cost savings. Another benefit of using standard or metric thread forming screws for plastic or metal is the resistance to vibrational loosening they provide. Since these screws produce their own mating threads, the male and female threads include no in-between gaps, which can add significantly to vibrational loosening.

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