Track Washers have been standardized for the rail industry since 1887.

While that standard predates ITW Shakeproof, our track washers were designed to exceed the ultimate test of any rail- joint spring washer—maintaining proper bolt tension under extreme shock, vibration, pressure, and environmental conditions. Today our Track Washers are certified to the American Railroad Engineering Association (AREA) standards.

Quality is the key. In raw materials, high –grade alloy steel is essential. In production, each stage of the manufacturing process is carefully monitored, controlled, and measured. Final test and inspection are conducted prior to packing. The result is economical spring washers that will prolong life of the rail and joint assemblies while reducing maintenance costs.

Track Washer Styles:

    • Improved High Power Spring Washers
    • Pennsylvania Railroad Specifications MW-6 Spring Washers
    • Plain Pattern Square Section Washers
    • Double Coil Improved High Power Spring Washers


    • Nominal bolt diameters: 15.875 mm (0.625”) thru 76.200 mm (3.0”)
    • Most special dimension washers can be produced to meet customer specifications and tolerances.


    • High quality, high carbon, boron additive steel

Standards and Specifications:

    • AREA 1967, AREA 1933, Pennsylvania Railroad Specification MW-6


    • Certificate of conformance
    • Chemical and physical certification with complete traceability to melt process
    • Test Certification to specific customer requirements

Quality Control:

    • In-Process Controls are employed in all areas of production
    • Other Quality Control Procedures
    • Ductility Test – 90° twist
    • Reactive Pressure Performance Test
    • Permanent Set Test


    • All washers packed in 2.5 plastic pails
    • Canisters are palletized and plastic wrapped
Track Lock Washer