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GripTide™ Insert

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GripTide™ Product Details (PDF) 
GripTide™ Advantages (PDF) 
GripTide™ Part Matrix (PDF)
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A low cost steel insert for plastics that surpasses brass inserts in quality, cost and performance.

The GripTide insert utilizes cold forming and rolling to give the unique feature to the outside of the insert that ensures the joint simply stays tight.

Problem: “Brass inserts are high in cost and low in performance."

Solution - GripTide™ Inserts: Steel material and manufacturing cost is much lower than brass The unique cold rolled feature creates increased pull out force of the insert and allows for less thread engagement to achieve necessary joint strength.


  • Engineered:
    The GripTide™ insert’s revolutionary pattern integrates with all common installation methods (induction press, conductive, heat staking, insert molding, ultrasonic insertion, and cold press) eliminating the need for multiple designs.
  • Cost Savings:
    The GripTide™ inserts are cold formed, allowing maximum design freedom for flange diameter/bearing surface without the scrap cost associated with typical machined inserts. Custom lengths and GripTide™ stud versions can be manufactured to suit all applications.
  • Security:
    The GripTide™ insert’s multidirectional pattern provides industry leading anti-rotation and pullout performance. In addition, the pattern acts as a stabilizer in the mating material, minimizing “hot float” and improving installation accuracy.
  • Environmental:
    The GripTide™ insert has been optimized for use on induction equipment. During induction, steel heats more efficiently than brass, leading to decreased cycle times, lower capital equipment costs, and reduced energy consumption through the use of smaller units.
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Designed for High Performance with Cold-Forming Practicality

Incorporating innovative features that make your components better.

  1. Benefit 1High Torque Resistance / High Pull-Out Resistance:
    GripTide™ multi-directional patterns were designed for maximum resistance to torque and pull-out. Repeated testing has demonstrated remarkable success including a bolt-breaking hold on a variety of plastics.

  2. Benefit 2No Threads? – Won’t Happen!
    Continuous 100% part inspection monitors every insert during all phases of the manufacturing process.

  3. Benefit 3Design Flexibility
    Cold-Forming provides design freedom while maintaining dimensional repeatability.

GripTide™ Parts Matrix:

GripTide Parts Matrix

GripTide™ Standards Matrix:

GripTide Standards Matrix

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