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ITW Shakeproof Industrial is a leading designer and manufacturer of value added, high quality engineered hardware solutions.

Our History

  • Known as ITW Shakeproof Industrial today, the company is the result of a 2010 merger of ITW businesses that have a long, rich history in the industrial hardware market. This history dates back to the 1920s, when two of ITW Shakeproof Industrial’s main product lines were created.
  • Shakeproof was formed in 1923 when it introduced the Twisted Tooth Lock Washer.
  • Bee Leitzke, established in 1929, was created through the merger of well-known hardware manufacturers Medalist Rein Leitzke and Hobbs.
  • Together, these companies have decades of problem solving, product design and manufacturing experience which is demonstrated in the quality of the products you purchase.

Our Mission

  • The mission of ITW Shakeproof Industrial is to design and manufacture quality products that are delivered on-time, and at a fair value to the customer. 
  • Whether you are choosing a standard product from our extensive offering, or you are enlisting the help of our design team, ITW Shakeproof Industrial enhances your business by developing solutions for your most demanding challenges.

Video - How Shakeproof Benefits Your Team and Budget

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Our Innovation

  • Through continued focus on new product development, ITW Shakeproof Industrial remains a design leader in cross-market, single customer and cost reducing innovations. 
  • This innovation focus has resulted in better, faster and easier solutions for our customers and for the end user.
  • As you visit the various sections of our website, you will see the innovations that, through the years, have become industry standards:
    • The BosScrew® was created for plastic applications; the Tap/R® as a thread forming screw, and the Cyclone® for sheet metal applications.  Our most recent innovation, the Shakeproof Thread®, integrates a wave thread that, in application, creates a mechanical interference ensuring the fastener simply stays tight.  These threaded products are utilized in many applications in the Appliance, Trailer, Electrical, Heavy Truck and Rail markets.
    • Our Helical Lock Washers, Internal and External Lock Washers, Crest Cups, and Square Cones were developed as anti-loosening devices for a variety of applications in the Railroad, Industrial Equipment, Automotive, and OEM Screw markets. 
    • Our Cotter, Clevis and Lock Pins were designed to secure equipment in the Agriculture, Outdoor Power, Snowplow and Pole Line markets.

Be assured that whether you’re looking for a standard product or for a custom design, the solutions from ITW Shakeproof Industrial deliver uncompromised value and performance.


  • ITW, or Illinois Tool Works (NYSE: ITW), is the parent company of Shakeproof Industrial.
  • ITW is a global diversified industrial manufacturer. 
    Founded in 1912, today ITW is a Fortune 200 company comprised of 840 decentralized business units in 52 countries, employing approximately 60,000 men and women worldwide. 
  • For more information on ITW, please visit

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