TEKS® Self-Drilling Fasteners



ITW Shakeproof TEKS® Self-Drilling Fasteners work great in both sheet metals and non-metals. Once the hole is drilled, the fastener taps the hole in the same way as thread forming or cutting screws do. The mating threads are created to match the threaded fastener perfectly. The screw is designed so that the drilling function is completed before the initial thread engages so that all voids and material thicknesses are accounted for.

  • Reduction in labor operations and time
  • Ideal for automated assembly
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for drill-bits
  • The proper hole size is always drilled
  • Eliminates torque variations caused by paint build-up, weld flash or foreign material
  • GER-NIB® - for particularly torque sensitive applications
  • SEMS - add a washer under the head to span larger holes, protect fragile surfaces, and distribute load.