TAP/R® Thread Rolling Screws


Tap/R fasteners use a shank in the graduated thread rolling area to roll their own perfect mating threads in an un-threaded pilot hole. The tapered point easily locates the pilot hole and eliminates cross-threading in existing holes. The partial threads on the shank form threads in the whole during the initial drive. Full threads complete the screw and provide perfect engagement to finish the drive.

  • Reduced driving torque
  • 360 degree thread engagement for maximum holding power
  • Retains a high applied torque and clamp load
  • Unthreaded relief area on point quickly positions screw in the pilot hole
  • Eliminates cross-threading in the same hole, making it highly re-usable
  • Removes paint and porcelain from the pilot hole
  • SEMS - add a washer under the head to span larger holes, protect fragile surfaces, and distribute load.
TapR Figure 1