GX® Self-Extruding Screws



The screw extrudes thin sheet metal in vertical directions during assembly. This creates an increased area for thread engagement and a strong joint. The under-head feature effectively cuts through point and other coatings providing a grounding effect that meets U.L. requirements. The scraped paint collects and seals around the grounding ring to protect the unfinished surface and inhibit corrosion.

GROUNDING RING: This under-head feature creates a positive ground by cutting through paint and other coatings. The scraped paint collects and seals around the grounding ring to effectively protect the unfinished surface and inhibit corrosion.

GER-NIB FEATURE: For particularly torque-sensitive applications, Shakeproof's torque-robbing Ger-Nib feature can be incorporated in the GX® screw head.

  • Increased area for thread engagement
  • Paint and coating removal
  • Combine several assembly steps into one

  • Hurricane- underhead feature can be added to absorb torque during the drive and provide a locking feature to the screw


GX Figure 1

Unique, aggressive protrusions on the underside of the screw head provide an effective torque "robber" to absorb high driving torque and prevent stripping in thin gauge sheet metal. The torque absorbing nibs are precisely positioned at the outer perimeter of the screw head for maximum performance. They are higher on the advancing edge for torque absorption. A reverse taper is available with a high edge on the back side that resists back off rotation, providing an excellent locking feature. The Ger-Nib feature can be incorporated in Cyclone sheet metal screws, Teks self-drilling fasteners, Cyclone Teks fasteners. GX self extruding screws and in most conventional head styles. In addition to providing a torque "robber", the Ger-Nib scrapes through paint or plating to provide a secondary ground. Screws with this unique feature can accommodate a wide range of metal thicknesses.

A complete range of domestically produced, competitively priced standard and special tapping screws, including Types A, B, AB, C and CIA. as well as U-Drive screws, is offered by ITW Shakeproof. Diameters range from a number 2 through a 3/8"; lengths from 1/4" through 4". All conventional head styles and drives are available. Certifications on these quality monitored tapping screws are provided where required.