Cyclone® Tapping Screws


In order to absorb a higher tightening torque, the Cyclone screw is equipped with a serrated helical shoulder that actually bites into sheet metal. This gives the screw a very high safe operating range which reduces scrap, re-work, and lost time. It also improves the drive to strip ratio, which allows for a thinner sheet metal to be used.

  • Reduce scrap and re-work
  • Use a higher tightening torque for increased back-out resistance
  • Thinner sheet metal can be designed; lighter weight
  • Re-usable with repeatability
  • Ease of assembly with minimum operator sensitivity
  • GER-NIBĀ® - for particularly torque sensitive applications
  • SEMS - add a washer under the head to span larger holes, protect fragile surfaces, and distribute load.