Round steel pins have numerous uses around the farm, the machine shop, or the industrial plant. While they are zinc plated, the size is imprinted and is easily legible on each pin. Made from bar-quality cold drawn steel — 50% stronger than hot rolled mild steel. All Mak-A-Pins can be bent cold to 180 degrees, allowing them to be retrofitted in the field.

Mak-A-Pin 12”
These 12” pins come in a variety of diameters.  Smaller diameters are sold in varying bundle sizes.

Mak-A-Pin 3’ Shaft
Three foot undersize, unplated round steel shafts are made from bar-quality steel which can be drilled and cut for keyways. Each shaft has a cold-drawn finish for use with brass, bronze, copper or aluminum bushings. Bar ends are machine-cut, not sheared. Ideal for use as furnace blower shafts, ventilator shafts, axles, farm equipment drive shafts and many other similar uses.

60-Pin Assortment
Sixty pins, seven popular sizes, packed in a sturdy display carton.
Product Code 09-90 – One display carton packed in hardboard box ready for reshipping.
Product Code 09-93 – Three complete assortments packed in shipping carton.