Mak-A-Key key stock

Make-A-Key Keystock


Make-A-Key key stock provides a positive means for transmitting torque between a shaft and the hubs of pulleys, sprockets and gears.  While Machinery Keys are sold in specific sizes, Mak-A-Key key stock allows you to produce your own keys.  Simply cut, file and fit.

Mak-A-Key Barstock
ITW Bee Leitzke undersize key stock is used where close or undersized tolerances are required. Made from carbon steel and stainless steel.

Mak-A-Key key stock 12” & 36”
All MAK-A-KEY steel key stock is available in 12" and 36" lengths with the size clearly marked on each bar. Material is 1018 carbon steel and is available with either zinc plated or plain finish

Mak-A-Key Hi-Carbon key stock
Use where extreme tolerance and hardenability are required. Steel is annealed for easy machining.

Mak-A-Key Stainless Steel key stock
Use in corrosive, caustic and sanitary environment.  These products can be manufactured in either 303 or 316 stainless steel

Mak-A-Key Metric key stock
Mak-A-Key Metric key stock is made of the highest quality zinc-plated cold drawn steel. Bars are cut — not sheared. Metric key stock is sold in 12 inch lengths, however, one meter lengths available upon request.

Mak-A-Key Metric Stainless Steel key stock
Manufactured from 303 stainless steel, this Metric key stock is only available in 12” lengths.