Clevis Pins

Clevis Pins


All dimensions of stock ITW Shakeproof Group Clevis Pins - sizes 3/16" thru 1" - are in accordance with SAE standards except for the hole size and point. Special points, grooving, hole sizes and lengths are available upon request. Clevis Pins are manufactured from several carbon steel materials, as well as stainless steel.

Standard ClevisStandard and SAE Clevis Pins
A versatile and economical fastener manufactured to standard SAE dimensions. ITW Bee Leitzke pins are cold-formed for strength from low-carbon steel.

Adjustable Clevis PinAdjustable Clevis Pins
A quick replacement pin, the ITW Bee Leitzke Adjustable Pin features a series of holes, making it adaptable to varying lengths. Excess lengths can be cut off and filed burr free. Easily replaces bolts, cotter pins, or rivets on all types of equipment. Larger diameter Adjustable Clevis Pins are available by special request.

Cotterless Clevis PinsCotterless Clevis Pins
Self-locking and reusable, the ITW Shakeproof Group Cotterless Clevis Pin proves itself in countless applications. The Cotterless Clevis Pin is manufactured from zinc plated steel, and incorporates a stainless steel ball, which resists corrosion and provides for long life. The locking ball mechanism can be inserted at various depths for extra versatility.