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Shakeproof™ Thread

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The Shakeproof Thread™ from ITW Shakeproof addresses the continuing need to enhance a machine screw’s ability to stay secure for the life of its joint. Prevailing torque nuts and a nylon patch or pellet are a popular but costly solution until now. The Shakeproof Thread screw utilizes the ITW WERCS™ thread forming technology to provide you with a machine screw that stays secure without the added cost associated with a nylon patch. The Shakeproof Thread is also reusable whereas the holding power of a patch wears in the initial tensioning of the joint.


  • Provides joint tension at any place in the body of the screw threads
  • The locking threads eliminate the need for prevailing torque locknuts and nylon patch placed on screw threads, thus eliminating cost and added lead times
  • Functions on standard tapped holes without damaging mating female threads.
  • Reusable with consistent, repeatable performance
  • Available in standard machine screw sizes

WERCS® Technology:

  • ITW’s new WERCS® Technology is revolutionizing the design and manufacturing of threaded products. This technology allows the formation of unique geometries on the thread.
  • Utilizing the WERCS® Technology, ITW has developed a suite or platform of innovative threaded products — products designed to dramatically advance fastening performance, increase manufacturing efficiency and reduce overall installed cost.