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Hurricane™ Screw

Hurricane™ Info Sheet (PDF)

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ITW Shakeproof’s Hurricane anti-strip screw is considered the optimum performer in thin sheet - even .025" or thinner!

The screw creates a positive torque brake in thin sheet metal, aluminum or plastic. It assures maximum installation efficiency while eliminating the rework associated with stripped screws.


  • Thinner, lighter weight materials can be specified because Hurricane screws eliminate stripping problems in materials as thin as .025" - sometimes even thinner!
  • Costs can be reduced because smaller screws out-perform the larger screws currently being used in thin sheet applications.
  • Large, predictable operating window greatly reduces potential strip-outs and the need for operator sensitivity. This means greater efficiencies, no stripping-related rework or scrap!
  • Higher back off torques assure a tight, secure assembly.
  • There is minimal damage to bearing surface; burrs, no silvers.
  • Hurricane screws work in existing holes. Interchangeable with existing designs.

How it Works:

  • Underside of head is slightly dished.
  • Specially tapered ribs on underside of head cold form ridges on bearing surface as screw is turned down, creating a positive torque brake.