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A low cost steel insert for plastics that surpasses brass inserts in quality, cost and performance.

The GripTide insert utilizes cold forming and rolling to give the unique feature to the outside of the insert that ensures the joint simply stays tight.

Problem: “Brass inserts are high in cost and low in performance."

Solution - GripTide™ Inserts: Steel material and manufacturing cost is much lower than brass The unique cold rolled feature creates increased pull out force of the insert and allows for less thread engagement to achieve necessary joint strength.


  • Engineered:
    The GripTide™ insert’s revolutionary pattern integrates with all common installation methods (induction press, conductive, heat staking, insert molding, ultrasonic insertion, and cold press) eliminating the need for multiple designs.
  • Cost Savings:
    The GripTide™ inserts are cold formed, allowing maximum design freedom for flange diameter/bearing surface without the scrap cost associated with typical machined inserts. Custom lengths and GripTide™ stud versions can be manufactured to suit all applications.
  • Security:
    The GripTide™ insert’s multidirectional pattern provides industry leading anti-rotation and pullout performance. In addition, the pattern acts as a stabilizer in the mating material, minimizing “hot float” and improving installation accuracy.
  • Environmental:
    The GripTide™ insert has been optimized for use on induction equipment. During induction, steel heats more efficiently than brass, leading to decreased cycle times, lower capital equipment costs, and reduced energy consumption through the use of smaller units.
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hi lo 145px wide

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The HI-LO® fastener is the minimal performance solution for fastening in low pressure environments such as plastic, particle board, masonite, and wood. It’s designed with a double-lead thread where the HI thread is sharper than a conventional one. More material is trapped in between the threads which helps to resist pull-out. This also allows for a lower driving torque.


  • Perfect screw for low-stress applications
  • Reduced cracking in plastic bosses
  • Smaller sized bosses can be designed to save in material and space
  • Increased pull-out resistance

Available Features:

  • SEMS - add a washer under the head to span larger holes, protect fragile surfaces, and distribute load.
  • The 30º included angle of the high thread displaces less material when it is driven into plastic or wood and, therefore, requires lower driving torques. A greater amount of material remains between the high threads, increasing the stripping torque. Low driving torque and high stripping torque provide maximum protection against stripping problems.
hi lo increased pull out strength axial shear material

The Hi-Lo screw thread configuration has a smaller minor diameter than a conventional screw. The high threads make a deeper cut into the material leaving a greater volume of material between the threads. There is also a greater amount of material in contact with the high, sharp thread and the axial shear area is increased. All of this contributes to greater resistance to pullout and stronger fastening.

The SEMS preassembled screw and washer is another ITW Shakeproof Group invention.

We offer many combinations of tooth lock washers, helical spring lock washers, and conical washers preassembled to machine screws, thread forming, thread cutting, and self-drilling screws. For you specific preassembled needs, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

sems basic type 1
SEMS – External Tooth Lock-Washer:

  • For use when the surface area can be marred
  • Absorbs assembly torque
  • Absorbs assembly torque

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sems basic type 2SEMS – Helical Lock Washer:

  • Meets ASTM specifications
  • Provides resistance to loosening
  • Available in all lock-washer styles

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sems basic type 4SEMS – Dished:

  • Allows for more force on soft or thin materials
  • Internal teeth lock into the bolt to prevent back off
  • Helps prevent damage to the surface area

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sems basic type 3SEMS – Conical:

  • Doesn’t disturb the surface area
  • Adds spring tension to the joint
  • Distributes load over a wider area


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square cone 125px
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SEMS – Square Cone®:

This unique Sems fastener features an integral, free-spinning, Square Cone washer.With two distinct configurations, this dual action spring washer has two separate load deflection rates. The configurations act in unison to provide a reliable low-torque, controlled-tension fastener. The Square Cone Sems assembly provides a higher retained clamp load and improved compensation for thermal cycling and vibration. This fastener is capable of accepting a high tension load while maintaining a live spring action and generates a constant load, even with variations in installation torques. By increasing the acceptable driving torque range, it enhances flexibility in component design.

The Square Cone washer's long deflection period and two-stage loading contribute to better control during installation, improve tool bit life and reduce operator fatigue. Load is directed toward the outer diameter of the washer, making the fastener ideal for clamping fragile materials and for spanning large clearance holes.

hurricane radius point
Hurricane Rite™ Sales Print (PDF)
Hurricane Rite™ Details (PDF)

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A robust design that is the only solution whose performance has been proven to eliminate strip-out problems caused from thin sheet metal and misaligned holes.


  • Material thickness 50% less than needed for standard “AB”.
  • Eliminates stripping problems in materials as thin as .025”.
  • Solve Misalignment issues that cause stripping.
  • Part number consolidation of “AB, “B”, sharp points and blunt points.
  • Meets UL requirements of no sharp points around wires.
  • Ergonomically safe for workers, no scratched skin from sharp points.
  • Hole size standardization across various tapping thicknesses.
  • Eliminate rework cost due to stripped screws or work piece scarring.
  • Superior locking action of the Hurricane ribs allow you to reduce screw size and maintain high performance.